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The main event for the society each year is the annual Orchid Show and sale, held in April, which is open to the public. If you have never been to an orchid show before, you are in for a real experience. Imagine (if you can!) a 10,000 square foot hall full of orchids. Dozens of exhibits containing hundreds of orchids in flower, displayed to their best in all kinds of settings, fill up half the room. The plants on display are judged by an international panel of experts, with ribbons and trophies for winners in each of the classes. In the other half of the room, nurseries from all over Ontario (as well as neighbouring parts of Quebec and the US) are selling orchid plants of all kinds in all stages of growth, from seedlings to mature specimen plants.

Prices are very reasonable, and many of the plants can be grown quite easily, even on a kitchen windowsill. If you want help or information on which plants are easy to grow, ask any of the vendors or one of the experts from the society. They will be only too happy to answer your questions.

If you don't have a "green thumb" for growing live plants, we are thinking of you too! Orchid related artwork will be featured in our show, with exhibits of orchid paintings, photographs and other fine arts in our large Art Gallery area. There will also be all kinds of craft items for sale, including orchid books, cards, T-shirts, jewelry, etc., etc. - truly something for everyone.



The Art Gallery has become a major portion of the annual Show and we welcome all types of orchid photography, orchid-related fine arts and fine crafts. In recent years we have had artists working in many areas, including metalwork, jewellery, lace-making, paintings in watercolour, acrylics and oils, as well as photography and digital painting.

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